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A Quick Note on EC-Council ECSA Certification

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field and one in which organizations are always hiring experienced and certified professionals. With more and more of our lives in the cloud and on the net, securing personal and corporate information has to be a top priority. Cybersecurity Certifications demonstrate the skill of your IT team.
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What is the ECSA Certification? 

ECSA is a certification offered by the EC-Council that explains advanced uses of LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester) approaches and techniques to security professionals. The exam comprises a penetration test and a written report.

The best reason to choose ECSA is hands-on testing. The exam is not a bundle of questions about how one would approach a penetration test, but an actual exam in a well-designed lab environment. This proves to you that your IT professionals really do have the certifications to secure the company systems.

Penetration tests are an important part of the administration and design of any secure network, and people eligible of performing them are valuable. This certification concentrates on practicing skills rather than classroom teaching. This vendor-neutral certification qualifies an individual to work on equipment from multiple sources. It is globally accepted.

What are the Prerequisites for ECSA Certification?

To sit for the ECSA exam, one must have either attended a training course at an approved center or submit two years of experience in information security.

While they do not officially have to have the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification, but it is highly advised. This is also a good certification for anyone entering cybersecurity. Note that the CEH does have the EC-Council Network Security Administrator (ENSA) certification as a prerequisite.

Who should take ECSA?

Experienced security professionals and ethical hackers who you want or require validation of their expertise to conduct and analyze penetration tests. It is intended for students that have the experience and real-world understanding to move to the next level. As the experience requirement instead of training is two years, this is obviously not intended to be an entry-level certification. It follows on from the CEH certification.

In fact, the certification is aimed at existing network and system administrators and information security analysts. It's also good for cybersecurity risk assessors.

The program is specifically directed at the audiences of server administrators, firewall administrators, information security analysts, system administrators, and risk assessment professionals. For all these professionals, there is a lot to be acquired by being ECSA certified.

Benefits of Being ECSA Certified.

The ECSA certification is an absolute practical program that is designed for expert and experienced IT professionals who bring with them a cumulative knowledge base across the years. The entire ECSA syllabus is specially created by the best in the industry to assure that learners acquire the maximum benefits out of it.
  • A very specific reason behind IT professionals earning ECSA certification is the more comprehensive industry exposure they are can enjoy afterward. In fact, there is even better scope for industry recognition, as these professionals become season security professionals.
  • Certified Security Analysts also learn to investigate and analyze the diverse outcomes of security tools used and security techniques influenced.
  • Last but not least, the ECSA certified professionals are expert to walk on a successful career path that drives towards earning the LPT certification.

Job roles for ECSA Certified Professionals

  • Accomplishing application and network penetration testing. This is carried using both manuals as well as automated methods.
  • Creating and performing computer system audits to ascertain that these work properly and that all data is well protected from risks.
  • Designing security procedures and policies and ensuring adherence to these.
  • Investigating complex systems in accordance with industry best practices and protecting internal information.
  • Spearheading investigations pertaining to security violations and other breaches and recommending effective solutions.

What can you do with ECSA?

  • The objective of ECSA certification is to prove that your IT security professionals not only know about penetration tests but can execute them and carry out good analysis afterward. This makes them a more worthy member of the team.
  • It is a stepping stone to the Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) certification, which is globally accepted as an expert-level ethical hacking certification. In fact, it is considered the most thorough penetration testing certification.

As the world becomes ever more aware of the significance of cybersecurity, more and more organizations are hiring advanced-level professionals to protect their assets.

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